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Vol. 8 No. 3 August 2022  


"The pursuit, even of the best things, ought to be calm and tranquil."
--Marcus Tullius Cicero


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Chakras: Vitality

Many people wish to 'hack' themselves and their lives in order to increase their energy levels. They desire more vigor, clarity, enthusiasm, and focus. After moderating their news intake, cleaning up their diets, and increasing their steps, some remain dissatisfied with their results. While some people may try to gain an added boost through caffeine and sleep deprivation, the spiritually inclined have been known to attempt to turbo-charge their chakras.

The practices that help us to be more vigorous, clear-minded, enthusiastic, and focused are generally neither mysterious nor instantaneous: drink water, spend time outside, play with dogs and cats, organize your closet, sing in the shower, eat a nutritious breakfast, help people, remain present, meditate, dance, and rest… You know what helps you to come more fully alive! All of these activities contribute to a healthy, balanced chakra system, as well.

Just as some people try out physical shortcuts to induce high energy levels, others manipulate their chakra systems. Usually, these folks focus on re-adjusting their first and third chakras. Like ingesting caffeine, we can get a temporary kick from tinkering with these chakras, but doing so is not an effective long-term solution.

The first chakra houses the kundalini, which will turn-on in heightened situations—like spotting a tiger, fearing a traffic accident, healing a trauma, or enjoying a sexual encounter. It helps us to process and integrate intense experiences. It can increase our energy levels, but it is not designed to run on a sustained basis. When the kundalini flows as a matter of course, people tend to experience anxiety, and, eventually, adrenal fatigue and overall exhaustion.

The third chakra is the seat of the will. It enables us to push through obstacles in order to move toward our dreams. We can perform amazing feats, and the third chakra is integral to achieving our ambitions. This capacity for willpower is helpful when we need a surge to bring our project across the finish line. However, using this push simply to get through the day results in losing the ability to aspire to more meaningful accomplishments, as well as developing digestion problems, and, ultimately, burning out.

While clearing and balancing the chakra system can contribute to healthy energy levels, the energy reserves in the first and third chakras should not be deployed as a regular fuel source. Drawing on these capacities in an ongoing way over time strains and depletes the energy system.

At the end of the day, vitality is not about discovering the right hack. Vitality is about a sustained commitment to one's life, a conscious awareness of what feeds one's soul, and permission to make each day a practice in living. Additionally, vitality requires recognizing when life becomes daunting, and asking for help in order to re-commit to life, re-kindle passion, and re-engage with the art of living. A beautiful, vital expression of oneself and one's life emerges from continuing to step along the path that each day presents. Vitality builds through a long game, not a quick fix.



Heidi Szycher, PhD


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