Being seen in spirit illuminates forgotten recesses, which, in turn, strengthens awareness, authenticity, and agency.

A clairvoyant reading:

  • clarifies patterns that shape your life;
  • reveals assumptions and preconceptions that drive choices;
  • identifies blocks to experiencing your desires; and
  • increases the consciousness you bring to decision-making.

The healing that occurs during a reading:

  • shifts old patterns;
  • clears unwanted influences;
  • allows your soul essence to shine more brightly; and
  • aligns the circumstances of your life with your soul's purpose.

Heidi's technique of seeing, describing, and shifting the energy patterns can be applied to all areas of life, including relationships, money, career, and health.

Spirit is equally present whether sessions are in-person or long-distance.

Receiving readings is a fun, easy, and powerful way to re-create one's life from the inside out.

Clairvoyant readings typically last one hour and cost $150.

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