Lingering, unwanted energetic impressions in physical buildings, including traumas and conflicts, impact those who live and work amidst them. Problematic energies can be found in both new and well-loved homes and businesses.

Aligning key buildings with your conscious intentions makes life easier!

House and business healings are invaluable when:

  • buying or renting a new place (home or business);
  • selling a building (home or business);
  • changing occupants (residents or employees); and/or
  • negotiating ghost activity.

House and business healings:

  • improve communication;
  • ground and update the building;
  • increase peace and harmony; and
  • promote ease, clarity, flexibility, and insight.

The healings include:

  • becoming familiarized with the physical layout of the home or business;
  • reading the current energy patterns, including those that are disruptive;
  • clearing outdated energies, thereby raising the vibration of the home or business; and
  • aligning the home or business with conscious intentions.

Spirit is equally present whether sessions are in-person or long-distance.

A house and/or business healing brightens the space so that the physical environment supports you.

House and business healings take approximately two hours and cost $275.

For more insights on house and business healings, see Heidi's articles.

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