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Vol. 2 No. 3 September 2009


The world is but a canvas to the imagination.
-- Henry David Thoreau


Farewell for Now…

This will be my final newsletter (for now). After eleven and a half years, I am releasing my healing arts practice. It has been pure joy to serve and contribute as a clairvoyant reader, healer, and speaker! I am blessed to have met amazing people, and grown tremendously through your openness, support, and encouragement. Thank you for providing me with this venue for self-expression! I am honored that you have welcomed me so warmly. While my life is guided by my spiritual practice and connection, I am moving toward applying my insights more publicly; to that end, I am discontinuing my private healing offerings.

This world has been spinning quickly, and, in response to the rapid changes, I am stepping into a larger community. I am teaching philosophy online for both Front Range Community College and National University. My wish is that the people I encounter are similarly gracious! I look forward to seeing what this step brings, and hope that it will enable me to refine my writing and communication skills as I enhance my voice.

I wish you well as you continue to offer strength, creativity, joy, insight, and talent to this planet! We need all of the world’s healers present as we embrace the new ways of relating that are upon us. I am grateful to be a part of such a conscious and caring community! Peace and mischief be with you until we meet again…

The Path of the Psychic

Embracing one’s psychic abilities involves recognizing one’s insights, and being courageous enough to share that information. Walking this path requires great trust in self and God.

What does it mean to be psychic?

The word “psychic” is derived from the Greek word, “psykhe,” which translates as, “of the soul.” To utilize one’s psychic ability is to invoke spiritual sight, the ability to recognize one’s self and others as eternal beings. It involves noticing what is happening spiritually in a given situation.

Distinguishing physical sight from spiritual sight

I often distinguish between the video camera version of an event, and the psychic version. The video camera version of an event focuses on body-level observation. It is the version that most people relay when they explain what has happened. It involves the information provided by the physical senses of sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. The body is a highly attuned, sensory mechanism—however, not all of the information received through the body can be explained by input from the five senses. And not all of the information we receive about what is happening in a situation comes through our bodies. The video camera version refers to what is being observed at a physical level through the five senses, while the psychic version captures what is happening at a spiritual or energetic level.

Psychic body knowings

Allow me to provide two examples to clarify the psychic version of an experience that can be communicated through the body; they involve body-level reactions, but the responses do not fit neatly into a standard, five-sense explanation of how bodies work.

The first is the experience of matching, at a body level, the emotional—or charged— environment in which we find ourselves. I have experienced crying for joy or sadness or fullness at graduations, weddings, and funerals—even when the events are for people whom I do not know. When we feel the emotion, energy, or charge of our environments, we know that our bodies are processing information beyond the five senses. Instead, the physical body is functioning like a barometer that measures the energetic climate of our circumstances.

Most people witnessing the video camera version of my matching the energetic circumstances (e.g., my crying at a wedding at which I have no personal connection) would consider my responses to be empathic. The concept of ‘empathy’ is the closest idea that we have in popular culture to our ability to sense the environment—usually the emotional environment—around us. This ability to notice and to measure what is happening in the world around us with a body-level sensation, feeling, thought, or response is one type of psychic phenomenon. While it is useful to recognize our ability to match as one way to identify what is happening around us, it is difficult to know our true desires if our general disposition is to match.

Let me move on to my second example of the body providing information beyond the five senses. I had an experience in which my head erupted in pain at the moment when a friend experienced an accident. I cancelled my plans for the evening, knowing that something had happened. Shortly afterwards, my friend arrived at my door needing a ride to the hospital. Because I had paid attention to the information that I was receiving through my body, I was home to address the situation.

In the first example, my body is providing me with information about my environment—the milieu in which my body is located communicates with me through my body. In the second example, my body is tuned to the well-being of a specific person, and responds to that person’s circumstances, even though our bodies are not in close proximity to one another. Neither of these experiences is explained by the common use of seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, or smelling, although both of them involve direct body-level sensations and feedback. These examples illustrate how body-level sensing can be a part of psychic experience.

Psychic spirit knowings

However, not all information that we receive is processed through the body. Commonly, we will know who is calling us before we check the caller ID. We may know to bring a jacket or umbrella, or to drive home via an alternate route. We may immediately trust (or distrust) someone whom we have not yet met. All of this information is available to us without being processed through the body. Recognizing and owning our psychic abilities simply involves learning to identify and interpret these knowings—all of which are a part of our common experiences as human beings. Our psychic ability enables us to be aware of endless information without anyone telling us.

In contrast to the video camera version of events, a psychic version will look at the following types of considerations: Was energy released, or exchanged? Did I step into my divinity, or away from it? Was my part in the event compelled or chosen? How did what I noticed about the interaction differ from what an objective observer, or a video camera, would have noticed?

You are psychic

We have discussed some common ways that we sense energy and receive information. These sensings and knowings are aspects of our psychic awareness. My hope is that you are all thinking, “Of course we sense the tone of situations and can tell whether circumstances are either solid or amiss. What’s the big deal?” The big deal is that being psychic is not the expression of a rare talent, it the birthright of each of us. You are psychic! And so is everyone you know.

We each have our own mechanisms for tracking the “feel” of the environment in which we live. Some people “trust their gut,” some empathically run the energetic climate of places and situations through their physical body, some “just know” where to go or the right answer to a math problem. There are as many ways to “tune in” to energy as there are people. Accessing one’s own spiritual sight is as easy as allowing oneself to begin to notice all of the information available to oneself.

I encourage you to access and trust the subtleties of your awareness as you make the choices that contribute to the creation of your life! May peace be with you throughout your journey home!



Heidi Szycher, PhD

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