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Vol. 2 No. 2 June 2009


The reason you’re “here” is not to be good, to be better, to be perfect, to get “stuff” done, to save the world, to save somebody, to prove something, or to be anything… other than yourself.

That’s all you have to work on. That’s all you can do. But by doing it… all those other things will happen anyway.
-- From Mike Dooley’s Notes from the Universe: New Perspectives from an Old Friend


PsychicSpeak Tickets Available Now

Dr. Alan McAllister and I are hosting a series of talks on how spirit acts in everyday life. Remind yourself who you are in an environment that’s fun, informative and interactive! It’s held at the Radisson Conference Center in Longmont on the 4th Friday of each month from 7-9pm. Tickets cost $15 apiece at the door, and each ticket admits two people. But why wait? We now have advance tickets available at both of our websites! Click here to order yours. There is a discount for pre-purchasing your tickets. When you buy a ticket in advance, it costs a mere $12 per ticket, and each pre-purchased ticket also admits two people.

For the people who are super-enthusiastic about PsychicSpeak, we are offering a free healing from either Alan or me, and free admission to our talk, to anyone who sells 15 advance tickets at the reduced rate of $12 apiece for any single event. This promotion is part of our grassroots effort to reach people who may not otherwise know about our offering.

On June 26th, Dr. Alan McAllister will be discussing, “How to Have Your Own Space.” His talk will explore the dynamics of how we interact with other energetic beings, consciously or unconsciously. Simple models of resonance and tuning show how we exchange energy with others, and point the way to claiming our own space and giving other people theirs. Learn more about how karma plays out, why some people “trigger” you, and how to set effective boundaries!

I will be the keynote speaker on both July 24th and August 28th on topics yet to be decided.

We hope that you will invite your friends to join us for many enlightening evenings. We appreciate your referrals! Thank you for your support!

Opening Up: The Process of Healing

Many years ago, while participating in a healing clinic, another healer commented, “I’m frustrated with all of the expectations that people have about healing.” I asked, “Like what?” She replied, “Like when people expect to feel better after a healing.” I laughed. It does seem reasonable to expect to feel better following a healing; however, “feeling better” can have many meanings. Let’s talk about what a healing is and how it affects one’s life.

A healing is an opportunity to bring one’s life—in all aspects, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual—into greater alignment with one’s being. As spiritual beings, we are overflowing with talents, wisdoms, and curiosities. Healing allows us to release our blocks in order to open to fuller possibilities of exploration and expression. As we open we can be increasingly present in wider circles of experience. Opening up to life involves releasing that which has kept us closed, or those things that we accepted in fear. Release is a letting go that can feel more like a falling apart than a coming together.

People can be surprised that healing (aka change that brings a person’s life into greater alignment with his/her being) is possible at all. We are surprised because the healing grants us access to the places in which we have our energy stuck, those places within ourselves that we have forgotten how to reach. If our energy cannot move, it cannot come into alignment with us in the changing circumstances of present time, and it becomes difficult for us to shift and move in the ways that are required for us to keep our balance. Healing asks that we open ourselves through our own stuckness. We must learn to move through the energy that has been challenging to us. All of the places in us that seem as if they could never change—but that we do not like—must be re-negotiated. As we move through these places in ourselves, we strengthen our healing abilities.

In order to traverse the places in us where we are stuck, we may need help from someone who does not hold those particular limitations. The beauty of working directly with a conscious healer is that a healer can see each of us as a being and can hold the space open for each of us to be present with our own unique reality. The extent to which a person embraces that alignment between who that person is as a being and his or her reality is the extent to which a person receives a healing from a healer.

What frees up our energy and keeps it from becoming stuck? Neutrality. That’s what forgiveness and acceptance are all about: finding neutrality so that we can heal ourselves and prevent further stuckness. When we are neutral in a situation, we see the possibilities that are available to us. When we can love ourselves in the midst of a pickle, then we are free to stay put or to begin to move in a new direction; we have healed ourselves in relation to that circumstance.

While the initial result of healing may be a heightened awareness of the challenges that lay before us, as we face and clear those challenges, the long-term effect of healing is that we do, indeed, “feel better.”



Heidi Szycher, PhD

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